Design Build – A Team Approach!

·         Time Saving – When the Owner selects a General Contractor at the beginning
of a project there is not an extended bidding process; which in most cases can
add months to a project schedule.

·         Cost Saving- By working with a General Contractor from the inception of a
project the Owner is involved with the Contractor and Architect from the
beginning of the design. This promotes the team effort and helps to maintain
the overall budget. When the budget is created and approved it is much easier
to gear the design, materials and methods to the budget. The alternative is
always more costly. If the owner waits until after the Architect completes the
plans then requests costing from the Contractor, the only alternative left when
the cost exceeds the budget is to have the Architect redesign the project. This
will add substantial time to the schedule as well as additional architectural

·         Value Engineering – When the owner has selected the team at the project’s inception and set the project budget, value engineering can be an extremely effective tool to keep the project within that budget and under control. We have the experience and knowledge to work with the architect to suggest alternative construction methods that will still result in the desired “look”, but at times can result in substantial cost reductions. This can only be accomplished by working closely with the designer, architect, engineers & the owner throughout the architectural design and documentation process.