Reliance Commercial Construction awarded 9 Jack In The Box re-imaging projects.

Reliance Commercial Construction has won the bid on the re-imaging of 9 local Jack In The Box restaurants. This re-imaging is for the customer side of the restaurants and will be short term flips. Our crews will be working for two days straight at each location. This demonstrates our ability to work tight schedules while still providing out clients the opportunity to keep business open and profitable during construction times. Most drive thru’s have remained open through this process.

Reliance Commercial Construction awarded Xoom Juice project in Downtown Tucson, AZ

Reliance Commercial Construction has won the bid To build out the shell for the new Xoom Juice in downtown Tucson on Congress St. This will be a fast track project as owner is looking at a quick turn around.
 Reliance Commercial Construction Completes Hana Tokyo Project in Spectrum Plaza in Tucson, AZ
Reliance Commercial Construction has completed the construction of the new Hana Tokyo Restaurant in the new Spectrum Plaza shopping center in South Tucson. Hana Tokyo’s menu will consist of sushi, & other Japanese foods. Chefs will also prepare teppanyaki dishes on one of six exhibition tables. This restaurant also features a full service bar.